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03-Sep-2016 20:31

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She brought out her Playboy body that hasn’t been in Playboy for years into a white bathing suit that is see through when wet, that you shouldn’t even really care to see, partially cuz of her retard face, but also cuz of her shitty implants, short legs and the simple fact you can find tons of naked pictures of her on the internet….

In fact, she’s also had a sex tape released, that I assume no one actually bothered watching, that took place when she was 19, with someone more inbred and downs syndrome looking than her, while her meaty cunt flapped in the fucking wind…..

So here’s a preview of her getting down…giving some blowjob…won’t see it anywhere else, cuz I’m just that relevant in the entertainment world when it comes to sex tapes….. I guess the biggest joke in all this is that bitch is pretending she had nothing to do with this video and that she is going to sue, when really she’s just hoping to make a buck off her ass like she used to, and maybe if she’s lucky, she’ll be the next Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, but will more likely be the next Linda Lovelace, a misunderstood pornstar who can fight her demons until she dies of an overdose….

I am all for seeing bitches fuck, even inbred looking bitches like kendra, I like to rate their fucking form, like a synchronized swimming judge, so I hope this encourages the youth to get up on filming the fuck, but I think we’ll probably need Miley running the lead on that venture….since the only fans Kendra has watch Nascar and don’t shower and figure jerking off to her is better than fucking their sister…

It is halloween and it amazes me that people are posting all this “best celeb halloween costumes” as if it fucking matters, but then again, I don’t think celebrities matters and 90 percent of the reason behind me doing the site is wondering why the fuck people care, you know when real life issues are going on….

On the plane yesterday, I’d say 90 percent of people reading magazines were reading celebrity tabloid magazines…and I just don’t get why people care…especially on Halloween…when everyday girls…who are generally hotter and more secure than celebrity girls.

She tries hard to pull thru, she knows she’s filming a porn, she puts some serious effort into it…sure I’ve had better sex than this, less awkward conversation and joking around about PRECUM…precum of a dude who sucks at directing, but more importantly looks fucking retarded, like some serious white trash with some real dumb looking teeth, who fucks like a lazy slob, and keeps Kendra working…. I have no real opinion about this clip mainly because I don’t really like anything about Kendra Wilkinson or her prostitute life other than the fact that she gets naked for money and now has sex for money…and I think more girls should take her lead…cuz I like watching….

So girls, let this be warning – film a sex tape when you get the chance – cuz you never know when you’ll need it to pay the bills…when you’ll want to release it to remind people of what you had when you were younger…. There are rumors that the video was actually shopped around by her to boost her career she doesn’t want to see drown, which I think it is safe to say is fact but really who cares about the business behind the shit, let’s focus on what is more important and that is the fact that this shit exists and is getting out there….

A man identified as Jonny Makeup arrived to the party dressed in a baby costume telling the photographers, “Kendra is going to change her first diaper”.I REVIEWED HER SEX TAPE – I KNOW HER SEX TAPE Something she’s clearly tended 20 years later, in this white bathing suit, that holds everything in place, like a pussy hammock, of a pussy probably taped back, to seem like it’s not a dangly mess.Again…who fucking cares…you are into this shit…real deal low caliber shit….Making a fashionably late entrance, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner arrived at the party in his chauffer driven limo with the vanity plate “1 HEF.” Hefner gathered his three girlfriends and left teh party after staying a little more than 30 minutes.

Insiders reported that an altercation between Hefner’s new girlfriends and other women at the party had occurred.

I am guessing this is prepping for Dancing With the Stars, or what I like to call “Admitting you’ve failed at being famous”…. Here are some shitty see thru pictures of a pig of a woman trying to hang onto the little fame she had from getting naked in a magazine.