Dating man involved in alcoholics anonymous

11-Apr-2015 20:09

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As Willenbring states it, “Mandated AA attendance is a lazy and destructive substitute for providing truly effective treatment, which also needs to include up-to-date treatment for mental health disorders and social support of (emphasis original).” There is no doubt that the legal system contributes to the creation of dangerous situations for many people who are vulnerable. As a moral philosopher and feminist, I see this tragic case of Eric Earle’s murder of Karla Mendez Brada as an extreme instance of a more common phenomenon that is deeply gendered.Thirteenth stepping is a predatory practice that is shaped within a background of systemic sexism.The first is that AA as an is not responsible for screening out and separating members.The second is that the legal system has been using AA as a shortcut or substitute for effective treatment.She also wrote an educational curriculum about character, moral development, and actions and consequences for students who had the most serious alcohol or drug infractions on campus. Occasionally, very occasionally, it’s a different story. Chips with everything AA is crazy about chips – or 'sobriety coins'. No two groups are the same Because AA is self-organising at the grass roots level, groups define themselves differently. Others are ‘participation meetings’, where everyone has a chance to share. There are men only meetings, women only meetings, and meetings for any variety of LGBT. Or so meetings like to chant at the end of the session, after reciting the Serenity Prayer. But it’s a refrain in the fellowship that AA works better than aversive medicine (the dreaded antabuse, Ebola in tablet form), white coats (cognitive intelligence therapy), or sermons from self-appointed experts who’ve never themselves been there but know all about it (which, alas, includes most of the medical profession. Nowadays, while sitting on appointment committees, I've seen personal statements in which the job seeker says they’ve been through AA (to counteract any mention of their drinking days in confidential letters of reference). God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference. Only if we meet these responsibilities are we able to meet our primary purpose to stay sober and help others achieve sobriety.

There is no violation in AA traditions for this sort of attitude and engagement in AA. Keep it simple Supposedly the last words of AA's founder, Bill W (ilson). ‘Perhaps the Day after Tomorrow’ another proverb promises. But the rules have relaxed since the patriarchs, Bill W. Newcomers shudder at the prospect of never (ever, ever) being able to drink again. Even more importantly, if I, after 31 years, 2 months, and 4 days, fall off the wagon, what have I lost? It makes it easier to clamber back on again, and go for that 90 day chip. Respect the first tradition: anonymity Which, of course, is what I’m flagrantly not doing here.I very much appreciate Mark Willenbring’s recent post, “Is AA Responsible for Screening Out Dangerous Members?

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Of Course Not.” I agree with what I take to be his two major conclusions.

The most upmarket AA meeting I’ve attended was in Gstaad, Switzerland. You get a version of these small, key-ring medallions after 90 days, six months, and every calendrical milestone thereafter. I’ve had it thirty years and my thumb has worn the inscribed serenity prayer off its surface. Don’t try to work anyone else’s programme, is the guiding motto. Not exclusive (all are welcome), just self-selecting. But, of course, because of the anonymity rule, and no follow-up in the outside world, no one’s really that sure. Instruction about alcoholism at medical schools is abysmal). Never buy a car from someone in your group Likewise, never date anyone in your group.