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16-Dec-2016 05:50

I was hoping there is someone with some insight into this procedure, and in particular the difficulties that may arise from her being a young Iranian woman. Brandon Dear Shohar-Khaleh, I have been dating an Iranian woman for 2 1/2 years.

Unfortunately, we are currently not together, although I am trying to reconcile things.

All of us MUST compromise and respect the beliefs of each other to be whole and healthy.

If there are individuals among the group who make a harmonious family life impossible, they must be worked around.

I am recently married to an American, whose mother is Persian and father is American.

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Unfortunately, it appears she wasn't selected for the 2005 diversity lottery, so we are considering using the K-1 fiancee visa to have her immigrate.

I have found that Iranian women are very much influenced and at times controlled by their parents - perhaps more than boys.