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However, that night, Amelia drank an entire bottle of wine by herself while watching TV.

After six months in Italy, Michelle returned to Los Angeles as her symptoms had progressed.

She felt like Charlotte was punishing her harder than she'd do to other people.

After a talk with Sheldon, Charlotte followed the book and had Amelia take a breathalyzer test.

Amelia Shepherd is the youngest sister of Derek Shepherd.

Just like her older brother, she is a neurosurgeon, and she was officially employed at Seaside Health and Wellness with privileges at St. She relocated to Seattle and took Derek's job as the Head of Neurosurgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Despite not having talked to him for a while, when Amelia heard that Derek got shot, she was so shocked by this that she started smoking.

Addison took her cigarettes away when they were going to visit Dell's grave, where Amelia mentioned that the world was a crappy place because of the horrible things that happened lately, like Dell's death and Derek being shot.

Amelia fully gave into her craving and got drunk at a bar.

Amelia ignored Charlotte's objections and operated, claiming Pete didn't have the time to wait for the other neurosurgeon.

The surgery went well and Amelia went to Charlotte to tell her she never had problems with booze, but Charlotte took that as a sign she was in trouble and informed her her privileges were still revoked. As Addison moved in with Sam, Amelia had the house to herself and threw a housewarming party.

Amelia decided to do it anyway and administer drugs that would end Michelle's life.

They had decided they'd pretend that Amelia found her after staging an overdose of pills.

When she was 5, she and Derek witnessed their father's murder in a convenience store.