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26-Jul-2015 15:32

The Violin Bass gets its public debut at Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1956.It is on the end of the front row with a Höfner 126 (Club) guitar to its right.In the hands of Sir Paul Mc Cartney, they helped change the world with this design.If you close your eyes and remember all of those classic bass lines filling out and propelling the rock 'n' roll soundtrack, this is that sound.I never expected it to be such a nice sounding bass.I'll need to replace the tuners and the nut (It's looks like it's plastic) with a bone nut.These have almost all concerned hardware changes, the body remaining virtually the same, while the neck has became slimmer.The following is a brief summary of the changes made.

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Today we don't know if anyone paid any attention to the new little bass.

Maybe you want the sound of an upright bass, but don't have the room on the gig for one.