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21-Aug-2016 21:56

Buy yourself a bookshelf and fill it with with all the "Marriage act of bla.. Then paste a little note at the top of the shelf:"Hubby is always right. She has to be able to look up to you, trust you, be proud of you, you have to be better than her or at least equal in major aspects like brain power, wit, making sound decisions, being assertive, not indecisive, able to take the initiative, take charge of a situation in a sensible way e.t.c.

Case Closed"alutacontinua: First thing is dt you must be SURE that she LOVES and RESPECTS you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Then, her love and respect for you, coupled with her MATURITY would make her to be able to separate her career/training from her personal relationship. If she is better than you in many ways, get ready for a rocky ride because the respect piece will not be there. Another thread based on bias against a griup of people.

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Date Lawyer features live chat, online webmail, personal blog, albums, a variety of verification tools and search tools.So, yes, u mite need to think twice before dating a lawyer! Trust me, they train dose pple to be proud nd c demselves as better than odas.