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12-Jul-2015 18:01

They tend to believe that woman should just understand the nature of these sites and not be disappointed when they say that they're actually just in town from Australia for the weekend and looking for some American booty.I was surprised by the amount of men who were looking for a special some ONE. More men than I had anticipated were happy to speak with someone with clear objectives.Everyone I met seemed to be surprised by the fact that I was looking for a relationship.

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Young women would sell themselves to men in two sentences or less: "Young woman, age 20, attractive, refined, regular income, object: matrimony." Back in the '50s women were encouraged to take nothing short of long-term commitment and respect for a man.Amy Vanderbilt is quite possibly one of my favorite people ever.

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The only perspective by which you can evaluate if the relationship made any sense or was a good investment of your time is with time.… continue reading »

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