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16-Jun-2015 18:47

If you get a negative reaction: she flinches, turns her head or tells you flat out “try harder” (all of which I’ve had happen), smile, pull back, change the subject, move on to something else.

Others I know have had success in pointing to their own cheek, essentially asking for a kiss from a moment, then pull back.

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If you’re on the socially awkward side or are bad at reading social cues, it may be better to ask. If you hug her, are you getting the A-Frame hug – all upper body leaning in – or the full body? If she’s interested in being kissed, she’s going to be calling attention to her mouth.A general, all-purpose method that I endorse is the hug-to-kiss: at an appropriate emotional high-point – she’s made a joke, one of you just bowled a strike, you just finished dancing to an awesome song, something – pull her in for a hug.

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