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03-Jul-2016 14:16

Kevin earned his degree in 2009 and is currently in school to further his audio engineering skills.

Today, he resides in Texas where he works for a Media Market Research Firm and is also a budding music producer.

And let's not even get started on the adorableness that was Spanky and Buckwheat's "I Got a Dollar" routine.

Most of the stars of the 1994 hit went on to lead their lives out of the spotlight, but to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie, the He-Man Woman Haters Club (along with the girls! The cast has admittedly gotten taller and less awkward since their big screen moment, but everyone looked the part as they reenacted scenes from the movie for the production company 22 Vision.

Zac Mabry/ Porky Buckwheat's lovable sidekick Porky was the youngest of the rascals cast, turning 4 during filming.

Today, Zac resides in Dallas, Texas where he works in public accounting.

Travis Tedford/ Spanky Whether he was ruining Alfalfa and Darla's date or a ballet recital, the endearing Travis Tedford always left audiences laughing.

But even before playing the iconic role of Spanky, Travis was already getting noticed in numerous commercials for Welch's Grape Juice.

These days, when she's not traveling the world, the newly married Brittany lives in Los Angeles with her husband and is currently working on getting a degree.

Circa 1940, Promotional portrait for the film series, 'Our Gang' (also known as 'Little Rascals').