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09-Nov-2015 15:55

Let’s face it though, as a whole, nobody’s perfect whether it’s down to past, present or future, and I couldn’t help but wonder, if we lived in a world where we all wore warning labels, what would mine say?1) Item/s that were expected to be in good (if not brand new) condition, but were discovered eventually that they weren't.When it comes to dating and finding your love, it’s certainly not plain sailing and I can see by looking back at my previous relationships (and indeed, those of my friends), it was clear to see that we’ve all becoming slightly damaged along the way.Personally, I know for a fact that over time I’ve had issues with my confidence, my appearance, my self-esteem and my drive, all as a result of being emotionally attacked.She's extremely comfortable in her own skin and seems laid back compared to most single, never married women that I've dated.That doesn't sound like 'damaged goods' (whatever that means). If you are concerned about how her previous experiences will affect her expectations regarding you, talk to her about it.Avoid Being The Enabler It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we all want the very best for ourselves, our friends and our family, but when you begin to make excuses to validate their reasons for remaining hurt (or in fact, you’re own), you’re really doing no one any favours.At no point should you allow yourself or others to stay in a state of self sorrow.

If it’s someone you know who is feeling this way, help to pick them up with positivity too!As the new guy, I'd be casted as the 3rd wheel, no matter what.If you're uncomfortable answering, that's fine, it's just that I like this woman and we really get along.I guess at the end of the day, we’ve all got a past and developed significant insecurities as a product of this.

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If you feel like damaged goods as a result of a past relationship, don’t let it phase you but instead, take the steps necessary to overcoming your hurt.Lastly, the insecure male may select a partner based on her neediness rather than on whether he fundamentally likes her as a person.