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19-Oct-2016 02:50

What to do if this happens in Croatia, during your stay?In order to find an answer to that question, we asked several Croatian girls about their romantic experiences with foreign tourists, and how they feel when a complete stranger approaches them with his best line. Danijela (28) from Trogir provided a rather witty commentary on our question.They are usually family-oriented, and summer relationships with tourists rarely end in marriage.”“But if the spark happens, show respect for her cultural heritage and underline your mutual similarities.You wouldn’t end as the first person who got in Croatia as a tourist, and left as an engaged man.”Nika (27) from Dubrovnik has an active relationship with her boyfriend from Scotland.

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If the girl responds, you’ll get somewhere eventually.”“But such occasions are special, and people visit them in order to find a summer adventure.At least for a second, she will wonder whether he treats her as a local attraction.