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Porcelain, on a Western definition, is "a collective term comprising all ceramic ware that is white and translucent, no matter what ingredients are used to make it or to what use it is put." so doing without stoneware, which in Chinese tradition is mostly grouped with porcelain.

Terms such as "porcellaneous" or "near-porcelain" may be used for stonewares with porcelain-like characteristics.

d) There is a pagoda with a strange roof, and another looking like a church, with an equally strange roof; an oriental and western subject on the same item?

And, it is too irregular.b) The band is badly painted or stamped, and this type of band decoration is none of those usually seen in Chinese items, as far as I am concerned.c) the pictures on the jar are made in the style of a pencil or charcoal drawing, and there is shading also in western style; Chinese decorations never look like this.

The earliest Chinese pottery was earthenware, which continued in production for utilitarian uses throughout Chinese history, but was increasingly less used for fine wares.

In the context of Chinese ceramics, the term porcelain lacks a universally accepted definition.

Each scene with detailed brushwork & gilt accents, and framed by a floral band against fields of grouped flowers in underglaze blue.

The lids with similar underglaze floral decoration & borders, and featuring a pair of monochrome landscape vignettes on opposite sides. William Word Fine Antiques: Atlanta's source for antique interiors since 1956.

These were updraft kilns, often built below ground.

Two main types of kiln were developed by about 200 AD and remained in use until modern times. The bottom doesn't look right to me for an antique item.3. You seldom see so many problems in one:a) the top decoration band is too much down; it should be nearer the collar of the jar.