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Such an invention was of obvious relevance in the Pennines of Northern England, where textile spinning and weaving was such an important trade.Previous cones had been partially sheathed in brass.

Silver jewellery pieces were marked at Chester and also marked with a "C H" maker's mark. These may be identified as they are hallmarked, do not carry the 'Dorcas' name and do not have the rolled lip of the Dorcas design.© GML Publishing 2002 Welcome to this web site for collectors and students of Charles Horner - the products, the man and the business.The Charles Horner company produced a wide range of jewellery in the Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts and Art Deco styles, as well as the famous 'Dorcas' thimble.All images, other than those on the Bankfield Museum page, are from the forthcoming book, Charles Horner of Halifax, with book reproduction rights and appropriate attribution in all cases.

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Charles Horner (1837–1896) was an English jeweller and founder of the Halifax jewellery business Charles Horner of Halifax.