Dating british men

20-Jun-2015 02:26

I'm thinking if I could get some advices here. As Rich Carter suggests, you are the victim of a massive culture clash here.

Brits simply don't do American-style dating where it's acceptable for someone to be seeing multiple other people at the same time.

If you’re stuck on what things to try at the local pub, why not try one of the following (in moderation of course – we won’t take lightly to you drinking us under the table! we can often find time for a spot of peeing on the toilet seat between our sessions of booze, snacks and contact sports!

If you're talking about moving in together or getting engaged, you're in a relationship.

If not, you are "going out" with each other, even after three months.

To be brutally honest, you suddenly asking him if you can see other guys after three months is going to seem to him that you are either, a) not serious about him, or b) promiscuous.

People are all completely different, and assuming that there are set traits that will determine how people from each nationality will act is a mistake.If you’re on a date with a British guy, why not suggest that you both go for a spot of fish and chips and a walk by the beach?