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16-Mar-2015 18:01

A man of any race who gives that reply is not a true man, and he doesn't deserve the time it took you to even ask him the question." TTaylor, a 35-year-old Black woman married to a Black man for 16 years, says, "It saddens me to hear Black men say they refuse to date Black women. For you to write off an entire race of women is truly asinine.If you took the time, you would realize that not all of any race is good or bad. They have issues just as we do but when you are at an advantage you deal with differently.(the de-throning of Vanessa Williams, Shaharizad Ali's ignorant book, comments by Wesley Snipes) We have been asked accede our queenly beauty and bodies, though desired, violated and politicized, to be lesser than that of others.We've been asked to bear children and see them sold, or abandoned by their fathers.

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(So Miss "Korean/White," "blk" guys are not "more into" your race.) But this increasing tendency of some Black men rankles some Black women.Considering the nonstop media onslaught that trumpets "White is Beautiful," Black people are doing well to still appreciate and love each other.There are other and related factors too, such as the incidence of more Blacks growing up in White majority communities where young Black males, as part of established media culture of desirability, are pursued by females of other races.I don't think these men have a problem with Black women.

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I think they have problem with being Black themselves and they take it out on Black women.Grace Cornish, the psychologist and author of "10 Good Choices That Empower Black Women's Lives," will tell anyone willing to listen the same.