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21-Feb-2015 00:04

(Although secretly, I enjoy seeing vegans suffer.) How about my longing for those thinner thighs? I used Google to start my investigation of wisdom after wondering whether the idea of elder wisdom still holds now that we all have knowledge at our fingertips.

So I asked the wise women, Do you think the advent of the Internet has had any effect on wisdom?

“You need to be confronted with unexpected experiences to call into question what you’ve been doing in the past.” Bottom line: Keep trying new things. Based on what I’ve learned on my quest to find out the meaning of the word, I’m a lot wiser than I’d thought – at least, I’m on the right track.

I’m taking life slow and not blaming anyone else for mistakes in my past.

Because we have to accept that we’re not on the planet forever – a painful task – our psyches motivate us to make peace with ourselves and feel good about our life choices, “even though in most cases our lives are not what we thought they would be,” Staudinger says.

Most of us manage to get to this place of inner peace – but that doesn’t help us attain personal wisdom; in fact, it stops us from getting wise.

She spoke with me from her home in Orinda, California and answered a burning question: What’s the best way to develop knowledge, insight and compassion? “Our biology virtually mandates that we slow down, whether we’re cooking or thinking.” But, instead of schmoozing on our porches with family and friends as our grandparents did, we now feel pressured to keep going at full throttle.

And that’s a lot more difficult than staying positive.Being less egocentric helps you tolerate others who aren’t so perfect either, which gives you the element of compassion that’s also a crucial part of wisdom.” That botoxed older babe on the beach? She tested 477 college students and 178 older adults. Ardelt told me that if you hang on to the past it always drags you back.