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They can be crispy (smazone) or boiled (gotowane) doubling your number of choices.

Here's a quick rundown of the ones you're most likely to see.… Savoury Ruskie (Russian) - The most popular and well-known, these are filled with potato and cheese and are an excellent place to start for the cautious.

Wash it down with shots of ice-cold vodka for the authentic experience.

Barszcz (or Borscht) - Drink it hot in the winter and cold in the summer but either way, make sure you don't miss one of Eastern Europe's most-popular starters.

The dish is traditionally accompanied with rye bread or potatoes and is typically served on the second day of Christmas.

Its high concentration of vitamin C, the ready availability of cabbage and general heartiness made it a classic and nutritionally fundamental dish during centuries and centuries of cold winters.

Though almost every Eastern European lays their claim to being the inventor of Pierogi, we don't recommend you use this as a case of discussion after you've had a few vodkas - it's an argument you're unlikely to win.

Pierogi are crescent-shaped parcels filled with any one of a number of tasty fillings.

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Hot barszcz is generally more popular among Poles and is based principally on beetroot and meat stock.

Check first though as sometimes the meat is mixed with cabbage (kapusta), a big no-no for those that love their meat pure.

Z Kapusta (Cabbage) - Spend a couple of days in Poland and you'll soon see that, rain or shine, summer or winter, the Poles are mad about their cabbage; and so a trip won't be complete without sampling the number one ingredient with the number one dish.

For years, Polish cuisine was derided for its lack of invention, but things are changing as you'll have seen by the incredibly varied array of Warsaw restaurants in our eat section.

As for Polish dishes, you can't beat the classics and we love them so much we've gone to the trouble of producing a quick guide to the dishes you're most likely to come across.

These are great for those looking for some no-frills, cheap as chips stodge.

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