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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::;::::::;::::::::::::: Price Delivery I enclose cheque/ PO for £ or charge my Access I Visa No,.,.. The SCSI interface supports both Amiga peripherals and the peripherals of the emulated system at transfer rates of over 1 Mb/Sec. SNES/SEGA, Apple II (among others) all planned in the future These will be available as low cost upgrade modules.

EMPLAHT currently supports any Zorro equipped Amiga with the A1 200 PCMCIA version out soon .

Add a floppy drive and en|oy access to thousands of low ccit Amiga titles. 99 1.19.99 £19,99 £19,99 £19.99 ill -99 £19 99 1 1 9-99 i 16.49 £19.94 £17,99 £11.99 Commodore 1084 Stereo Monitor The Commodore HUMi Stereo Monitor. Featuring * Swrrt Sound * H^gh resolution display * Ergonomk Design " Fv HI Amijp Connectivity ftjfc £ 1 89.99 Zappo External Floppy Drive Thif new monitor' has been spe- : ..

Add a pr»ncer and move into mapbi CS and word pretessir™. ly designed for the New Amiga 1 1 computers in order for yeu t D enjoy their fantastic graphics to the full. , £347.99 Sharp Monitor / TV Ypu"ve seen all the reviews mi this popular and afford- able second Amiga drive.

The Mac emu- lation alone requires 68020/30/40 with 4Mb RAM mini- mum and also 256K Macll/x/cx/SE30 ROMs.

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f JJ Printer Stand -I Piece printer ttand IND* PRICE »,« 4} Paper Pack lit¥, INDI PRICE ^.9? * o^ *l faper Pack -$DC sheers of quality A4 paper J Continuous Pa RICE t Tv.9 1000 sheets I part ■rr tsting paper *\ Pit-allrl Printer Cable To be used when connecting Amiga to Panasonic printers i Dl PRICE £8.99 7J Panasonic Colour Ribbon -Colour ribbon for KX-PJI13 INDI PRICE £12.99 8} Panasonic Black Ribbon -Black ribbon for KX. ACCESSORY PACKS Pack I Panaaonk Colour Ribbon Pack Js ^slial Contains 4 colour ribbons for the 1CXP 2 1 23 RRP£II999 indi price £69.99 Save £50 Pack 2 Paiuwonk Deltiae Astessory Pack Contains automatic sheetfeeder ,' 2 Watk rifebor*s, 2 colour ribbons, I dust cover.Wave Tools provides a pair i stereo I/O iacks for direct connection to any device with standard I in and line out conrwetors. DAT record* Video Tape, Videodislt or any other line level audio sources, Wave Tools feature set meets the needs of trie most demand* users. E3 50 A600 Dustcover £3.50 A 1200 Dustcover ...£3.50 Monitor Dustcover £3 50 LC20 Dustcover £3.50 LCI 00 Dustcover £3-50 LC2QQ Dustcover £3.50 LC24-200 Dustcover . All or mosl productivity soft- 's, including AOPro.