Cyrus controversial dating a 20 year old model

07-Oct-2016 23:01

Normally, she says, she chooses whatever is most comfortable for her.

MY LITTLE SISTER USED TO LOOK UP TO YOU, AND NOW MY MOTHER DOESN' T EVEN WANT HER TO EVEN LOOK AT YOU. Just to let you all know, the picture where it shows shes kissing him, thats a totally different guy then in the other pictures. You can't clearly see her's easy enough to get a girl with long brunette hair and a guy in a striped shirt and call them Miley and Marshall..who gives 2 shits if ur frm the us and slaggin her off wats the matta in the uk we can av sex at 16 wats the law there 50 i say loose ur viginity now or never who cares wat ppl say ur indervigual ur really pretty and ur fans will still luv u & WILL DO IT THE AGE U DID.Billy Ray Cyrus is surprisingly relaxed about 15-year-old Miley Cyrus dating 20-year-old Justin Gaston.implying that she did nothing wrong in this instance.

Here is the full text of Miley’s message to fans (all spelling and grammatical errors are her own) along with TWO offending photos (apparently taken on the same night) of Miley Hey guys!

If you don’t have a disability, you’re unlikely to know they exist.

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