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13-Mar-2016 22:10

Before returning to Malaysia, Nicholas was studying in Taiwan, where he won the Best Singer in a competition among all the Taiwan universities.Thereafter, he was approached and asked if he would sign up with a company as a back-up singer (backing vocalist, to harmonise with the lead vocalist), which Nicholas subsequently ignored.In her latest music video, the 31-year-old exudes maturity and her sexy charm in which her new image has drawn praises from her fans.At a recent promotional event for her new album, Cyndi was dressed in a white blouse which revealed her tiny waist and a striking blue shorts which flaunted her lean legs.

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Cyndi Wang doesn't know whether or not she's nervous or shy, but she suddenly fainted.

The whole crew stopped work and realized that she suffered from heat stroke. When everyone asked her about Nicholas's kissing techniques, she said: "Then, I almost died, so I didn't have time to actually feel and see his kissing technique." Nicholas was very sorry, because he wanted to finish filming for the scene, he knew that Cyndi wasn't feeling too good, but he still treated her kind of roughly, so he feels kind of bad.

The Malaysian government appointed Teo Penang's 'green ambassador' to spread awareness on environmental issues.

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On 7 August 2015, Nicholas came back from his "Long Vacation" after 8 months of continuous filming his idol dramas, "K Song Lover" and "Lady Maid Maid".Fellow Jack Hunt pupil Craig Saggers performed in duo Diva Fever who got through to the live shows, but were eliminated in the first week.