Cyber sex pals adult chat rooms validating input in javascript

01-Oct-2015 11:31

Most "cam sites" have a host, usually a girl who is paid credits for her time while she strips.But "free" adult cam sites ( Roleplay is a popular activity in most adult chat rooms, how seriously it is taken depends on the participants.Therefore, be careful when you try to enter a chat room otherwise you may screw yourself up in the process from entering.In future editions of the chat software I'll look to putting in measures to guard against user error and impatience so for now, just be patient and if it shows "Connecting to chat..." then leave it alone no matter how long it takes.Hell, Happy Holidays all the way around and drink a little for me while you're at it.

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And sine it is an avatar / text based room there are not as many lurkers.

Whether you realize it or not, the chat session is being created.

To continue to try to enter over and over again is going to cause a request for a new chat session when one was already created.

So after getting some rather poignant responses from a lot of you devoted folks, some nice and some not so nice, I was given an idea by another that made me think of something all encompassing that is causing all of our issues with bounced connections, server lag, server availability loss, and this up and down roller coaster we've been on for weeks.

This is important so please read and be mindful in the future.Some times a boot works, some times it requires an entire chat server restart which in essence drops everyone from chat.