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08-Oct-2015 13:14

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As if every family on the Island of Ireland was making a bee line for the same flight as us and the toll would be pandemonium of biblical proportions.

But of course……it wasn’t, barely a sinner in sight.

All of which are generally with the aim of protecting me from emotional harm.Most important of which was probably learning to recognise when anxiety was getting in the way of me enjoying life.So when I read the email asking me to go on the radio my head instantly filled with the worst possible outcomes.That doesn’t mean to say that you don’t accept certain things about a situation.

Such as, the likely hood I will make a dick out of myself on the radio. Accepting the potential consequences but also not forgetting the positives.Well…the minute my bathroom is currently getting renovated so I have had to regress to my child hood for the last few weeks and move back in with the parents.