Consolidating fire departments home dating

16-Jan-2015 08:54

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Central Maine departments are feeling the crunch of fewer volunteers, less money and more required training.Only four firefighters on the China Village Fire Department are trained to enter a burning building.He said he sees a general decline in interest in civic involvement. This has taken a generation to work on,” Ross said.“I don’t think the younger generation wants to get involved.” Theriault said older firefighters talk about feeling like they can’t leave their departments because they know the town’s needs and know there’s no one to replace them.The Madison and Skowhegan departments, for instance, have struggled in recent years to maintain a call roster of 22 volunteer firefighters in addition to eight who are full-time, said Chief Shawn Howard.Eleven of those firefighters are shared between the two towns.

In central and western Maine towns, unlike the more populous communities in the southern part of the state, most departments have little to no full-time staff, and the declining ranks of volunteer firefighters is challenging towns’ ability to offer an essential public service.“We’re an aging bunch of old people and it’s not good,” said Theriault.