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In addition to cult identity, the Greek sanctu­ary could be defined as an institution, sculptores were rep­resented by their works there and these hon­ored them, increasing the social prestige of donors and intro­ducing the social sections of life through objects, İt was possible to see unreachable objects there and be able to approach them The concept of a common cul­ture.

When we in­terpret the Greek sanctuary through the functions associ­ated with its internal arrangements, It is to be seen in its representative, instructive and, me­mo­rialising aspects.

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Bu çalışmamızda Herodotos’un, İskitle­rin Kimmerleri takip ettiği şeklindeki anlatımların doğ­ruluğu sorgulanacaktır.

According to this model, the location of these sanctuar­ies has been classified under the categories: urban, semi-urban and extra-urban.