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Louie throws in an impressive flip sequence across the floor before Chelsie jumps into his arms at the end. Michael Irvin had used Jerry Rice as a motivator this whole season, wanting to best him.So they’ve set up a dance-off Paso Doble for a Mirror Ball Ring.Our final three couples enter from the audience and high-five everyone who’s formed a tunnel to welcome. Even though some weren’t wowed by Mya & Dmitry Chaplin’s Freestyle, I hope people realize how hard it is to do a two-and-a-half minute routine full out like that.Kelly Osbourne stopped a couple of times to hug some past celebtestants. Then Whitney Houston takes the stage to sing “Million Dollar Bill,” the first single from her big return album.Not just with the technique but there was an ease to it.Judges: Len says of all the celebs on the show, he’ll miss her the most.

Filler #1 is a revisit to “The Losers Club” package which segues into Jeffrey Ross in person presenting a sparkly jacket to Ashley Hamilton (with a smidge of roasting).Filler #3 is another revisited bit – Coach Adam Corolla.He addresses last man standing Donny Osmond with Kelly and Mya popping in for a bit. Natalie Coughlin & Alec Mazo return to dance their Rumba. When they finish Tom says, “Is it to late to vote her back in? We get another Past Weeks Montage that included the tea-bag filled sham known as the Competition Mambo and the team dances.Melissa Joan Hart & Mark Ballas perform the Mambo they would’ve done if they got to Dance-Off.

It’s to “Cuban Pete” and I like the choreography a lot.Ashley then dances to “Simply the Best” with his partner Edyta Swilinska…before taking a promenade around the floor with Jeffrey. After a commercial, we get a montage recap of the first three weeks of the season.