Carbon dating falacy

11-Jul-2015 23:08

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The ratio of C-12 to C-14 is approximately 1 billion to one in today’s atmosphere.All living things, directly or indirectly, absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

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The process of losing electrons is referred to as decay.If there is half as much C-14 as estimated when it was alive, it is said to have been 5,730 years since it died.Now, this is based on “knowing” how much C-14 is in the atmosphere when a sample is alive.Further steps were needed since even this point of reference did not produce ages for material complementary to evolutionist thinking.

So, scientists produced “correction tables.” When something is tested and carbon-14 dating doesn’t give the age scientists like, they apply these correction tables and change the age to match predetermined estimates of the sample’s age.When the production rate and the decay rate are equal, the amount of C-14 will be constant. It is possible to measure the rate of production and the rate of decay quite accurately.

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