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21-Oct-2015 02:39

A mission of mine is to start yelling at people who laugh at those things. I tell my friends still, constantly, to shut up when they make Asian jokes. There’s a reason we all cried when Gina Rodriguez won that Golden Globe.

You just need someone to tell people that it’s still very harmful for young people to see these stereotypes.

Ashley Madison– members are matched up with other married people. These users are most often found in bathroom stalls. And I realized it did so well because the comedic tropes for the Asian community haven’t changed for over 30 years. Now you get people who have this colorblind perspective, which is equally harmful. People bring up that we have supporting characters on television now, like, “It’s not just the sassy Black receptionist, but there’s like an Asian friend who works there, too.” But no. But we’re not white-looking enough to be the leads. I would never have supplied myself as an actor if I didn’t join Buzz Feed. The great thing about the proliferation of K-pop is that it puts Asian faces out there. If it’s even one small town girl who is now obsessed with supporting Asian culture, then more power to them! We have the right to be angry about our representation in the media.It dawned on me that this was an issue for the Asian community at large. We can’t have people saying that we are all the same, because we’re not. We tend to forget that our parents came here with nothing and worked hard for their success. It’s just not a reflection of how we live our daily lives. As a child, Eugene was sensitive and introspective, and often expressed himself through artistic outlets: from visual arts and illustration, to theater, choir, and dance. “I kind of considered it as a rich white person thing because that’s all that was on screen,” he says.

In seventh grade, a teacher recommended that he consider film as a serious profession.

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