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24-Jun-2016 16:02

Stick to this number while still finding ways to have fun, and you’ll earn a reputation for being a fiscally conservative dating machine.The most obvious way to budget a romantic dinner for two is to make paying the bill a project for two. If not, then consider the restaurants you take your date to.Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive activities all over the place, and all you need to do to find them is look.The same rules apply here as do shows — if your date says they like amusement parks, hit one (but stay away from the games, which are rigged solely to suck away every dollar you have).

Going out to the movies every now and then is OK, but if you are a regular dater, it’s simply impossible to hit the cinema ever Friday and Saturday night.Save those for if the relationship gets to the point where you’re seriously considering marriage. The food is good, the selection is plentiful, the prices are not bad at all, and the atmosphere is inviting enough to make most any date seem fun and comfortable.Also, once you get to know the person and they’re comfortable with spending time at your place, then introduce them to some of your delicious home cooking.If they love aquariums, find one, but only go once a month if that.

If they enjoy the beach, the park, or some other free activity, then you’ve just hit the budgeting jackpot.

When we take somebody out for a night on the town, we tend to want to go all out.