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25-Jan-2015 02:47

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Daniel says, “One large sentiment from the Bro Code towards girls is how a Bro will treat another Bro’s female family members.It is not appropriate for a Bro to sleep with another’s sister. However, it is perfectly acceptable to compliment one’s sister on her looks or personality.” Remember that no part of the Bro Code allows guys to treat you disrespectfully.If you feel like your guy is violating this rule, ditch that dude. Bros don’t judge other bros for their hook-ups — but they do prevent bad situations Don’t worry that you’ll be judged by the friends of the bro with whom you’re involved.“Additionally, bros shall never make a bro feel entirely ashamed for hooking up with a girl,” Daniel says.

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“Bro Code involving girls is a little more hit or miss as interpretation is entirely under the discretion of the bro,” Shawn says.

Remember that each groups of bros is different, even if they all have some pretty basic, similar rules. Bros come first The idea that friendship takes precedence over potential hook-ups or relationships invades almost every group of guy friends.

Shawn says that Bro Code states, “Don't place the romantic relationship before the bro relationship.” College guy Daniel says, “This rule, that even I personally have broken, can shatter friendships.

Above all, it’s pretty simple: Don't be an a**hole, and don't be selfish and ignore your fellow bros.” Though some rules of Bro Code apply to most bro groups, your guy friends may have other specific rules.

Maybe the guys all have dinner together every Friday night or have bros-only video-game sessions.The audiobook is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, the actor who portrays Barney Stinson.

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