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09-Feb-2016 12:09

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Technologies in fishing lines, bait and rig presentation have developed to help anglers trick more carp into taking the hook bait.

I would like to congratulate you on such a detailed, informative and easy to use website.

Carp possess a natural instinct to learn and adapt to various dangers in order to survive.

Increasing pressure forces carp to learn quickly and wise up to the most common .

The duo didn't land the same number of haymakers they rained down on the league in the second half of 2015, but remained potent, particularly at home.

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Baldwin certainly proved worthy of the five-year, .5 million extension he signed last June.

A compiler with a nose for the end zone, Baldwin will be a top-18 receiver for 2017.

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Actually, the statistics have always been "here" since the 2000 Census information was released, but I'm not such a numbers nerd that I felt like crunching the raw data myself with SAS or STATA. Le has the same sort of information available on all Asian ethnicities, and you can tease out information about other ethnicities as well.… continue reading »

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