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24-Sep-2015 15:24

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In this long-overdue post about online dating from the guy perspective, I'll list four simple rules to give you the best chance at finding love -- or whatever else you're looking for -- when you start online.

I've wanted to write this post for a long time, but it's been two weeks since I first sat down to write it and I've kept agonizing over it.

But I do think the —that fact that race is a sexual factor for so many individuals, and in such a consistent way—says something about race’s role in our society.

I've been fielding a lot of blog questions recently about friends with benefits (FWB) relationships.

Cheating is equal opportunity betrayal, and that fact has kept me coming back to the bigger question of why cheats.

But today I realized why I'm so sure I need to write this post about cheating, from the guy perspective.

What follows is our collective wisdom distilled into a countdown of the top five least attractive traits in a woman: A friend and longtime reader just wrote because she's dating again and facing a dilemma. And when does he lose points for splitting the bill, or for letting you pay instead?Move one square to the left, and you see that they think Latinos are 1% above average, and so on.The color is there to make the big trends easy to see. Ok Cupid users are certainly no more open-minded than they used to be. Here are the numbers for 2009 till now—use the slider to move through time. These numbers reflect different people year-to-year. Together the charts fold in data from some 25 million accounts.You can use other online data to see this split personality play out elsewhere.

The night Obama was first elected was a moment of catharsis. All the dating data I’ve seen fits Ok Cupid’s pattern: black people and Asian men get short shrift.

We looked at race in one of our very first posts, and today I’d like to revisit the topic with fresh data.

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