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05-Nov-2016 12:53

I'm struggling so hard to break the cycle, this is the only place I could write this down.It's clear that he wasn't discovering his "true sexuality" through Internet porn use, rather Internet porn use during adolescence was shaping his sexual tastes - right through his very last session a few hours earlier.

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Some are in childhood, and become implicit memories (not conscious).Start with this story: Porn-induced ED coupled with a strange fetish: Long road, but completely cured This guy really captures the phenomenon: Man I'm so put out right now. Once I was addicted to pornography and I managed to quit.. This has escalated over the years from aged 12 somewhat like this; Then I found fetish forums/facebooks.I used to think it was bad to watch porn for 4 hours. I feel jittery and socially awkward and anxious like you can't believe.This is a really new area - and quite unpopular with most sexologists and other therapists whose model is that sexual tastes are always innate. Pfaus points out that that utter inflexibility would be a losing evolutionary strategy.

Successful gene-distributors would be able to adapt to new mores/stimuli.I am at level zero when it comes to this...lower than zero, really.