Beany dating

05-Oct-2015 16:38

Norbett, away in college in Ohio, has sent her a letter breaking off their relationship.

The Malone's widowed father decides to marry again - a pretty artist named Adair.

This suits the miserable and stubborn Beany just fine.

Misunderstandings abound and Beany starts to feel like her world is falling apart and her situation is hopeless before some light is finally brought to the situation from some surprising places. In addition to some thoughtful lessons about family life and misunderstandings, the author is clearly presenting a warning against other sorts of secret clubs that teens of that day might have gotten involved in (especially Communist).

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Johnny is busy trying to help an older, forgetful man write a book he's always wanted to write, but may not live to finish.

Explore a few ideas, some crafty, some not of what to do with all those cheap, but still cute critters.