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18-Feb-2015 09:15

Come the revolution they will be issued paper hats and manuals on the proper way to wipe the asses of their betters.

Or they’ll be given a pistol and offered the honorable way out. Leeocons: Narcissistic Confederate-pride addicts bereft of any tangible knowledge of confederate history.

Have an overwhelming need to ferociously support every single thing George Bush has ever said or done no matter how idiotic or mendacity-based..other people’s blood and treasure.

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It is built with security in mind and allows great deal of customization.We shall never be rid of them, but in a healthy, Liberal society these degenerate proto-humans would be mocked and shunned for their hateful, retarded delusions. Most adults will need help to cope with day-to-day living.”Unfortunately someone trained the Epsilons to listen to Rush and to wander down to the poling place one every few years and vote for someone they’ve been told is personally endorsed by Johnny Quest.They would live off the dole, or eke out a subsistence living in Historic Fundamentalist Village – “Where the ridiculous superstitions of our ancestors believe silly fairy tales like this? Cronyocons: As an entire American city swirls down the drain, Crony Number One reassures Crony Number One Hundred, “Brownie, you doin’ a heck of a job.”Words that will ring down the ages as the perfect synthesis of the final, bankrupt moral cul-de-sac down which the Bush Administration has stampeded the GOP. There are as many different reasons to join us as there are games to play.

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