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16-Dec-2015 08:23

"Over a twenty-five-year period of leading global public and private companies, he has established himself as an innovative thinker in the international business world." Froozer also cited the "significant amount of time and energy" Hague devotes to nonprofit charitable work and has helped raise more than 0 million over the past few years."This mirrors our corporate philosophy and was an important consideration for bringing Des on board, as opposed to an isolated, out-of-character incidence from the past," Froozer said.

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At the sentencing two months later, the judge reportedly was told that Hague was taking prescription drugs for anxiety, and had alcohol in his system at the time he attacked the dog.

"In addition, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance." Hague's appointment as Froozer's top executive came a year after a Canadian judge fined him ,000 and banned him from owning or controlling an animal for three years following his guilty plea to a single count of causing an animal to be in distress.

Most recently he has spent a lot of time in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "There's no excitement and thrill like the complexities of war. Your instincts take over." He pauses again, then says matter-of-factly, "War satisfies my need for danger." He brightens, smiles. Some see the organization's name as a deliberate slap at other Evangelicals, and in one of Franklin's common refrains-"God has called me to the ditches and gutters of the world, while my father has been called to the big stadiums"-a veiled slight of his own father's ministry.… continue reading »

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