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But the recession put an end to this dating russian federation (find.|) Book publishing. The characters and alphabets used on our territory - the main element in bookproduction - have changed repeatedly. Our Turkish ancestors used Orkhon-Yenisey, Uigur andother characters in the first centuries A. Albanian characters made their appearance in the first half of the 5th century.

As in othercountries, manuscripts are a precious part of our intellectual tradition.

It was later translated into Latin and published in London in 1657.

The printing of Azerbaijani books abroad continued in the years after that.

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Yazichi also started to publish its "Library of World Literature" in 100 volumes, and published more than 30 books of this series.Unfortunately, for various reasons, the manuscriptsproduced before the Arab conquest (8th century) and under the caliphate have not survived.