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20-Dec-2016 23:27

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I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was doing was, in effect, telling her that she didn’t have the right to feel the way she felt… Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last long. It wasn’t until I was willing to change my attitudes towards dating and how I related to women that I started having more meaningful relationships, whether casual or long term.

In fact, I was incredibly drama-averse, thanks to an early unhealthy relationship. well, I wasn’t willing to consider how others were feeling.Instead, labeling women as “hysterical” made it much easier to diminish women’s concerns and issues without having to pause to consider them as possibly being valid.Men on the whole are quick to toss the “crazy” label onto women without stopping to think about it what they’re saying.(Worth noting: much of the blame for “female hysteria” was placed on “wandering uterus syndrome” or other sexual “dysfunctions”.

While this did eventually lead to the invention of the vibrator, one of the common cures was a clitorectomy.

As women, we are more emotional and sometimes, we tend to let our emotions take over our reason, so let me share with you the o one wants a crazy girlfriend (which will likely turn into a crazy ex), so it is important to recognize when you are acting like a fool (i.e crazy bitch).

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