Avira antivirus updating

05-Jul-2016 17:45

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I've personally installed another antivirus software, perhaps in a few months or next year I'll try Avira again and hopefully they've fixed it by then.

Avira Free has not updated correctly for me since March 10. I have seen responses from Avira suggesting they think it's a proxy issue and/or only a Win XP issue -- that's bull.

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Product version: ;OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (Service Pack 1) 64 bit [UPDLIB] [ERROR] The checksum of the file C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\ave2\win32\int\gz is different than the one specified in the info file [UPD] [INFO] The control files will be downloaded again.

Once the dialogue disappears, I wait a few seconds, then I right-click on the Avira tray icon and select Update Antivirus. Then next time I want to update, I have to go through the whole procedure again.

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This was to have been some sort of immediate follow-up update. I tried the Fusebundle ("Manual Update Tool") and while that works it's highly undesirable to download over 200 MB daily just to update. Restarted the computer, and manually removed all leftover files and registry settings associated with Avira that I could find. Installed a fresh copy of Avira Free Antivirus, and it still fails to update.

I was glad to find later that Avira was back on track, and I was, and still am, using the same computers when I returned to it (Win XP Pro SP3).

No, I most certainly will NOT "own" a problem that is not mine, so will NOT attempt to update manually.

If after a month's time Avira has not replaced the current files waiting in the wings with corrected versions to fix this problem, it's bye-bye-birdie.

@Steph Zeec Manual update only works with a version 14 (which was why I stated in my previous post that it worked).

However after the fresh installation I found out it does not work at all with versino, reason being it can't find the fusebundle ("manual update") ZIP archive that's created from the downloaded update files.