Are guys on dating sites players

26-Jun-2015 10:26

if hes boring move on if you think hes a player move on if he keeps writing without asking you out move on if his main interest is sexing up midgets and thats not your thing move on My husband is the worst online communicator. Even if he is chatting with multiple women, that's kind of the point of a dating site...

I mean, he's improved some over the years, but good lord when we first met, if I'd relied on his ability to communicate via email or IM... He's also the most loving, emotionally communicative and wonderful person you could ever want to meet. He's extremely intelligent (he's an engineer who designs and programs robots, for crying out loud) but his spelling is awful. and so he tried for years to avoid written communication. When I meet someone online and it seems a friendship is budding, I try to move it "offline" as quickly as possible... Some people just aren't very talented at writing or communicating in text. sites I visit on and off throughout the day, I tend to leave open in a tab... So I "appear" logged on, even though it may be several hours between my actually checking a site or interacting with it. to meet a bunch of people and find the few you're compatible with. Download Skype and sign up for a three month subscription to a phone number and phone service.

Someone has probably told him that it's creepy for a man to make the first move towards offline communication, so he may be waiting for you to suggest a phone call. It'll cost under total, and you get a "throw-away" number that isn't traceable back to you.

If you like everything else you've seen of him, take the plunge. Protects your identity and is easy to get rid of if you end up with someone who is hassling you.

My guess is he's writing about 100 women and can't take the time to write more than a couple sentences to all of us. Now if I think this guy is worth getting to know, and going out with, based on his profile, photos, good spelling , should I just ask him out?

I mean, he wrote to me first so shouldn't that be his move.

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