Are blair and chuck dating in real life

30-Apr-2016 21:38

According to looky-loos in NYC, Leighton Meester (Blair) and Ed Westwick (Chuck) spent much of the day today locking lips in front of the Sony offices in Manhattan, shooting an upcoming scene for ?

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), but the next two episodes are quite honestly better than ever (IMHO), and you'll never guess who was spotted just hours ago making out on a public sidewalk! ' The press is putting out one story, but it's possible that there's another Housewife whose life is on the line." Gulp!

She's the only keeper of Izzie's secret, which she has to deal with the exact same week she gets her first solo surgery. Adrianna accidentally spills the beans to Annie that Ethan cheated on her. Just asked Marc Cherry that and he tells us, "I will tell you quite honestly that I had a discussion with Neal Mc Donough today. The world's hottest melanin-challenged man must stay. [The producers] were talking to me recently, and they said they didn't know if [Calleigh and Delko] were going to stay together, or if that was good, and I just said, it's good for me personally, after seven years.