Archaeological data dating patriarchs

02-Apr-2016 12:35

(These are later mentioned in Deuteronomy .) Moving further south into the region later identified as Moab, they attacked the Emim (Deuteronomy.

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These extended their empire to include Palestine, or at least the Jordan valley, and in particular they brought under their suzerainity the kings of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim and Bela - the five cities of the plain.

Osgood This article, ‘The times of Abraham’, attempts to show that the present accepted archaeological period placement of Abraham in the Palestinian Middle Bronze I period (MB I A nomenclature) has no basis in substance, and attempts to show that only the late Chalcolithic culture of Palestine satisfies the biblical criteria, so forcing a radical revision of the accepted chronology of the ancient world, in terms of biblical statements.

However, particularly since the documentary hypothesis (J. As John Bright puts it (after discussing the JEDP theory): ‘As for the patriarchal stories, though they were valued for the light they cast on the beliefs and practices of the respective periods in which the various documents were written, their worth as sources of information concerning Israel’ prehistory was regarded as minimal if not nil.

‘If one believes, as we do, in the validity of the historical memories of the Bible, and if one accepts as real flesh and blood human beings the personages reflected in the portrayals of the Biblical Patriachs. The only archaeological framework in which the person and period of Abraham in the Negeb can be placed is Middle Bronze I.’ In that same discussion, Nelson Glueck insists that the destructions of MB I settlements corresponded to the biblical account of the destruction inflicted by Chedorlaomer and his confederates (Genesis 14).

then the Age of Abraham must be assigned to the Midd Ie Bronze I period. However, apart from the statement of such, he offered no positive evidence to confirm that such an historical link-up can be made more secure than the simple statement of belief.

They came down through Syria into the Bashan area where they attacked the Rephaim in Ashteroth Karnaim (Genesis 14:5).

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