Android gmail not updating server

14-Sep-2016 06:17

Is there any configuration for this, or will I have to use K9 or some other app?

If anybody with programming skills is motivated, I would love to see a patched version of the Email app, where the names of the folders can be adjusted in some configuration dialog. My email account requires specific port and security settings.

Deleting your email app’s data means you are erasing your messages, contacts, etc associated with this app so consider backing them up before proceeding. Would you have any idea what has happened and how should I go about getting it straightened out? If you are unable to log back in to your email accounts, try clearing the email app’s cache and data.

If you’ll have the same problem after you setup the accounts to the same app, boot up the phone in Safe Mode to see if a malware is behind this trouble.

Problem: I am trying to set up my work e-mail server, and the outgoing mail settings will not allow me to change my username. In this case, there’s nothing more than you can do but call your provider for support.

Problem: Every phone I have had in the past automatically refreshes my email accounts.

I’ve played with my Sprint S5 for a couple of months now and cannot get it to automatically refresh. If you have checked the sync status of each of your email accounts, kindly make sure that Master Sync is ON.

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