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As a result, when we cause a particular chemical reaction, we frequently get a mix of several different product species.The reaction is often followed by a physical filtering process to extract the species we actually wanted, with the other species discarded as waste.Beyond that, there is war, even between prosperous states, and non-economic goals to consider.Most people believe that virtual reality will not much reduce interest in obtaining limited resources, such as a chance to talk to the real president of a major country, or owning part of the real Jerusalem, or having a famous celebrity say nice things about you in a digitally-signed document, or gaining the mining rights to the larger near-earth asteroids.Research in this area has included the development of simulation software, such as Nano CAD.

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These small tools would be used to develop and operate a next generation of one-hundredth-scale machine tools, and so forth.

Cells build copies of themselves in order to reproduce, and human-designed molecular robots could do the same thing.

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