Accommodating lens implant

07-Sep-2015 07:03

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He has gained an international reputation providing the latest and most innovative new surgery and implants available in the world for his patients.

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The multifocal IOLs can produce some glare with night driving, but this is usually minor and tends to diminish over time.The muscles in the eye cause the lens to flex slightly, allowing a range of vision so that the patient can see near, far and intermediate distances without glasses.A multifocal IOL allows one to see both near and far out of the eye.Having to frequently take reading glasses on and off is inconvenient for many people.

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Because of this, a person might wear reading glasses around their neck, scatter multiple pairs around the house or wear bifocals all the time.

Unlike the multifocal IOLs, the Crystalens has a single power throughout the lens implant.