A game of 2 halves speed dating

26-May-2015 11:45

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Lady Evelyn and Baron Iachimo will assist you with topics so you'll never get bored or run out of things to say. As the Game incorporates old-fashioned values, the Love Doctors will be in Edwardian Gentry dress.

It's a whole evening of sociable shenanigans, climaxing with slow dancing to the likes of Glenn Miller and Louis Prima. Players are invited to dress accordingly if they wish.

Lady Evelyn Ware, the Love Doctor who ran the night, confirmed I was cheating, and stuck a yellow sticker on my chest as a penalty.

She advised I stick to the topics she was suggesting on her microphone before she would be forced to give me a red sticker.

There was a stick on moustache stuck to my handbag, and I had spent all night avoiding penalties and red cards. ‘A Game of 2 Halves' is a weekly speed dating night held in Shoreditch, and last Sunday Bar Kick hosted a drop-in Valentine’s Day special.

Unlike average speed dating events, a game of 2 halves involves couples being paired up to play table football.

The casual 'drop in' atmosphere combined with the idea of Edwardian parlour games had convinced them to give it a try. He has definitely recognised me- this is so awkward.' The man in question, a middle-aged Chinese man named whose label read “John” winked across the room at her. While there were some older participants, most speed daters were all in their late twenties to their early thirties. He had chosen not to play along with the pseudonyms, and looked at me disdainfully when I asked why.

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Couples were laughing enthusiastically as they sipped their Belgium beers and leant against the red-and-white checked tables.My fingers were achingly sore and my head was spinning.I still had a sticky label stuck to me that read Lady Audley, and the phrase ‘goal-mate’ was echoing in my ears.Lady Ware estimates it will be a week before I find out how many people said yes to me.

Even though I don’t think my goal mate was amongst these moustached Sirs and Captains, I’m curious to see how many of them requested a date with Lady Audley.

If this is not enough of a twist, everyone must choose a fantasy pseudonym which will be used all night.