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29-Sep-2015 15:33

My eyes are healthy again (I was being treated for the eye condition for the past 3 1/2 months), I will no longer be his patient...except for once a year eye exams.Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and extended weekend for those lucky ones.One is that people have a positive feeling towards you when they think you like them or when they think you have a lot in common with them.

The common stereotype is that older men are only interested in younger women for sex and that they lure them in with the promise of money and expensive gifts.However, I have noticed subtle displays of body language that indicate he is also interested in me.(I've been reading up on body language since this began.) Also, during an eye exam, in casual conversation, he shared with me that he is a single parent.(Single) He even called me to give me his cell phone number in case I needed anything while he was out of town for the Christmas Holiday.It is common to hear about a young woman dating a man that is old enough to be her father.

Age doesn’t have to be a major factor in a relationship; only if you let it.

Interest: chatting online, cyber fun Husbands Career: Banker Webcam: Yes Marital Situation: I have been lonely for some time now and wish to seek a private & discreet relationship with someone local.