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"Who told you to eat the corpses of dismembered animals and reduce your body to a walking graveyard?

It is also the longest-running Holocaust of all time because animals were the first victims of slavery, oppression and murder.Separating families is a psychologically devastating tactic used to weaken one's pride and inhibit their desire to retaliate and fight back.Nazis swiped this technique from the meat, dairy and egg industries. All animals in the meat and dairy industries are branded with hot irons, or ear-notched with a numerical tag.The same thing Erykah Badu and Joaquin Phoenix have in common with Cesar Chavez, Pythagoras and Leonardo da Vinci.

Besides capturing the hearts and minds of generations, all are vegan.

Jews have been, while animals still are, treated like nothing, as if their lives don't matter. Go to the nearest cow or pig slaughterhouse and remove the animals and replace them with humans. If you travel back in time and remove the Jews from Birkenau and replace them with cows or pigs, a Holocaust is still taking place.