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24-Jan-2016 13:17

Ultimately, if we've been abused, we're going to have to relearn what is OK and what is not.There is no excuse big enough to choose a relationship that is abusive.It puts the focus on who you are, which is your business. "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy [and resting]."I have way too many girlfriends who are working their tails off trying to "land a man." All this stressing and striving is completely unnecessary. The question on the table is whether or not you are willing to trust God and the man of your dreams to do his part in hunting you down and winning your heart. Maybe your parents are overpowering, controlling, harsh, or even mean. We honor our parents (or anyone) by respectfully listening to their side of things. I highly recommend doing this whole dating thing with your parents close at hand.God has us resting the last day of every week, Saturday-Sabbath-so we can remember that He's the creator, the one who makes stuff happen. Yes, ultimately the choice of who you marry is yours. And if they are not safe people, then I recommend praying for a godly couple to stand in for them.I've always had a very deep respect for the Ten Commandments. Second, because all this freedom we've experienced in the Western world is rooted in these lasting moral guidelines. He is not capable of being the center of anybody's world, including yours. Right to give you meaning and purpose, or if you are sitting there with a heart full of needs and thinking that a two-legged mammal with a deep voice is all you are lacking, memorize this first commandment.And third, because they summarize in a few digestible sentences who God is and how He operates, kind of like a very condensed version of God for Dummies. There is only one Savior, and maybe it's time to distinguish Him from the cute guy at Starbucks. First, get into a real live relationship with Jesus.

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Second, get super clear on your mission and your purpose on earth.

You deserve to have a truly exclusive relationship with your dashing prince-and he with you-and that choice is now yours to make.8.

"You shall not steal."Honoring this commandment means cutting off a relationship when you realize that the person you are seeing cannot possibly be Mr. Sometimes this means doing so before the relationship even gets off the ground.

Our heart says that he's not the one, but our desperate need to not be alone says that he is. I have two kinds of girlfriends who struggle with being honest in this way.

The good news is that breaking it off will make room for God and give you another shot at being dependent on Him, as you're meant to be in the first place. Sometimes we are so eager to fall in love that we repress the truth about the other party involved. And what could be worse than betraying your own heart with your own lies? The first are my friends who were emotionally, spiritually, or physically abused as kids.But if you are unable to listen to a possibly differing opinion on the subject, something is wrong on your end of things. There's just no getting around the fact that the seasoned adult been-there-done-that perspective is absolutely essential.